A Timber or Steel Pergola? Summer is one of the seasons you look forward to after chilly winter especially if you own a garden that you pride yourself in.

A better feeling is to be able to enjoy your beautiful garden without getting too much sun especially on a pleasant summer day while reading a book or sipping on a cup of coffee. Imagine being able to enjoy the outdoors while still being indoors. Such an imagination can only suggest a good transformation to redo your garden area which will even upgrade the value of your property.

A pergola is the ideal make over for a garden or backyard that you wish to incorporate a bit of indoors in. After all no one wants too much of the sun which is what makes you sick of the summers in the end and unable to enjoy the lovely summer days.

Building a pergola requires a lot of thought before one can start investing in the same. It is always better to get something done right the first time than having to be dissatisfied and wanting to make changes to fix it. The first step to install a pergola for your garden or backyard is to decide what material you want a pergola built from.

The most common and preferred materials in this case are timber, steel and aluminium. Let us look further into detail about these 3 options.


Though today’s modern day equips us with all the more materials to build with, Timber is an oldie but a goldie to most people in Australia. If you are looking for a pergola that has a classy finish to blend perfectly well with the rest of your property then timber is the way to go.

However there are a few things to keep in mind before finalising on timber being the building material for your pergola. The number one requirement of a pergola made from timber is regular upkeep. Timber being wood needs to be well looked after to ensure that it is not damaged by moisture, termites or anything else that will cause it to wither away with time. After all an investment should be one that lasts.

Here are a few requirements of a pergola made from Timber.

  • Keeping your pergola clean during the monsoons to ensure you don’t have nature taking over it with moulds. This requires regularly cleaning it in the monsoon season preferably with bleach.
  • Making your pergola dry heat resistant by using heat resistant paint that protects it from those harsh sunrays.
  • Maintaining the paint of your pergola frame by treating the timber or touching up the paint at least every once in five years.


For those of who are not keen on regular maintenance and the classy look of timber, steel is a wonderful option especially if you want to invest in something more sturdy and durable than timber.

The most preferred type of steel used for the building of pergolas is treated colorbond steel. Not only is a steel pergola much more resistant to the harsh weather with least amount of maintenance but it is also easier to build than a pergola made of timber.

Since steel is more resistant to harsh weathers and is not easily damaged it also has a longer life and will last longer without much of a problem. Though steel is a much more expensive option as compared to Timber, some people see it as worth the investment since it is sturdier and long-lasting.

A steel pergola is not 100% damage resistant as it can be affected by rust, however this can be taken care of by opting for a 100% zinc coating or a zinc-aluminium paint that will coat your steel pergola making it resistant to rust.


Many prefer aluminium to be the best option to build a pergola as it requires no maintenance at all in most cases.

Aluminium has many advantages when it comes to using it as a material to build any outdoor construction as unlike timber and steel it is not prone to rot or get rusted.

Aluminium is also light weight and doesn’t require painting unless you prefer to paint it to blend in with the rest of your property or home. It is the ideal choice for those that want a onetime investment that will last and the only care that it needs it to be cleaned every once in a while when it is dirty which makes it number one on the list of any busy body that doesn’t have the time for maintenance.

Different people have different preferences and the choice of material to use while building a pergola is completely left up to the property owner to decide. However one might want to get summer ready before the summer is upon us to ensure that your pergola is used to its fullest and you are not missing out on enjoying those lovely summer days with a bit of your indoors outdoors.

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