For over 25 years, we’ve helped hundreds of families get difficult outdoor projects through Council approval and into reality. 
Of the design and construction work on patios and carports that we carry out for our customers, we take care of around 99% the Council approvals.
Working with Councils in Victoria, and in particular, in the East of Melbourne is a tricky business, especially if you are new to the process.  It can be time consuming, frustrating, full of paperwork, with pitfalls at every turn.
But for an organisation with experience in the process, there are ways to turn hurdles into opportunities, and we have the best chance to find creative ways to appease difficult challenges and get your job done your way, with the blessing of the Council.

Understand What Type of Patio, Pergolas, Verandahs & Carports You Want, and What The Rules Allow

It is super important, as a first step, to have some expert advice so as to gather a feel for the intricacies of the process from the outset.
This means that the design can guide and meet your dreams and ambitions for your outdoor living space.
Modern Solutions offers this as a free service.
Our experience in dealing with the various City Councils over the decades has given us great know-how in making sure your outdoor structure, such as a patio or carport will be approved as quickly and seamlessly as possible.
At Modern Solutions, we listen carefully to your hopes for the project, we visit the site to get an understanding of the issues and collaborate in designing the structure you’re after, that the Building Surveyor and Council will approve.
When we’re designing and quoting your job, we’ll be able to give you advice on the details in your Council area.
We also do all of this obligation free and for no cost.
Just give us a call, and we’ll get started.

Building Surveyors

At Modern Solutions we directly deal with a Building Surveyor on a daily basis, and we work hard to maintain an excellent relationship there.
Given the good relationship with the Building Surveyor, (still following all the same rules – of course) we have a clear and always updated understanding of the processes and steps to a successful outcome intimately.
We’ve found that this, in particular, helps the process to progress quickly and easily, with a minimum of fuss.


Additional steps around Council defined “owner/builder” status means that by working with us and removing that element, we can get people out in their own outdoor living space quicker, easier and with less fuss.
This all tends to make things dramatically easier and less painful for the customer.
Over many years of experience, we have come to believe firmly that it is always better for Modern Solutions to deal with the Council than the customer.
Its a part of the job that we provide that people really value.
We believe that it is a valuable service that we’re proud to offer.


There are a range of Building Regulations that need to be met – but we’ve also found that understanding the options and processes to get appropriate permissions for exclusions are vital to finding solutions to hurdles and obstacles.  Our experience means that we’ve seen and dealt with just about every possible variation.. and have a suite of options that will comfortably get the job done.
Contact the Modern Solutions team to arrange a free design and quote – and we’ll discuss advice and options for Council approval in your area.
If you would like to enhance the appearance and liveability of your outdoor space, call Darren on 0403-168-727 or visit today.