Design A Verandah

There are a few basic steps to designing a verandah and some considerations. You should identify your needs for the verandah space. Whether it be a place to relax – to have a multi-use area (exercise area, outside lounge, etc) or have a family eating area, have a BBQ. Consider how will you use this space.

You should also consider “design” relative to the house aesthetics and your needs.

Next consider how will you maximize the benefits. Could the verandah transform your home into an entertainers delight? could it extend your living space?  

What Is A Verandah?

A home improvement concept that was first introduced in the Middle East, verandah is a space that leads outdoors. Melbourne Verandahs are typically long and narrow in structure, perfect to relax over a cuppa and spend some time in privacy.  

Different Types Of Verandahs

  • Flat – A common and simple design but can accommodate most unique ideas.
  • Curved – A curved roof provides shelter from the sun and at the same time adds an elegant and unusual look that a flat roof cannot.
  • Pergola – A contemporary form of verandah Melbourne, pergola is uniquely versatile and keeps the area light and airy.
  • Gazebo – It features complex yet stunning design with clear sections that allow natural light.
  • Gable – It offers the style rendered by a pitched roof and is ideal for outdoor spaces with table and chairs right beneath the roof.
  • Sunroof – A perfect solution to keep the sun away and at the same time enjoy the weather outside.

Benefits Of Installing Verandahs

  • Flexible Design – Form traditional colonial-style homes to the contemporary ones, Melbourne Verandahs come with an unmatched choice of designs and materials to meet your unique needs.
  • Curb Appeal – Professional verandah builder Melbourne ensure rendering the maximum curb appeal with creative designs and roofing solutions that spark envy.
  • Adds Value To Your Home – As an integral component of home improvement, a verandah can enhance the value of your home significantly. Not only does it render your home a more cosy and warm feel, but often functions as an additional room
  • Cut On Your Energy Bills – Besides offering amazing aesthetic value, a verandah protects your home from the scorching sun and keeps it cool.When installed strategically, it can reduce up to 40% of your energy consumption bills to cool your home.
  • A Place To Relax and Indulge – A verandah in Melbourne is the best place to relax and enjoy barbeques and parties amidst sunny and warm climates.