Anyone with a vehicle or home to their credit is indeed bound to think about its upkeep and protection. This is especially true in the case of cars and people in Melbourne would agree. For this very reason people begin exploring the possibility of making a modification to their homes to accommodate their vehicle(s).

A more open space right in front of the house, a carport, garage, etc – there are quite a few options. Construction materials, design, modern styles, the landscape of the place, etc play an important role in influencing this decision.

Although the basic need is to protect the vehicle from harsh elements of the outdoors there really is so much more to making a decision over whether a carport works better than a garage or vice-versa.

There really is no correct answer as everything boils down to your usage and budget. Here’s how these 2 factors come into play.


Like everything else, enjoying the benefits of either a carport or a garage comes with a price tag. Both cost differently and the difference is significant because of the design of each. To start with a carport is more like a shed, with only a roof and being open on all four sides.

A garage on the other hand is a more modern version with utilities and security functions. Based on the resources used to build the carport and garage respectively, a carport is a whole lot cheaper. Hiring a rather creative builder will give you the benefit of getting something close to what you want and also within your budget.

The construction materials too vary depending on things like the colorbond, etc. Storing your car in the outdoor without any shelter and unprotected from weather elements might bring in some uncalled for damage so it is better to opt for a carport or garage that suits your requirement.


As mentioned above a garage is capable of giving you much more security than a carport.

Being sealed off from all 4 sides with possibly a security lock on its main entrance, a garage not only protects your car from Melbourne’s harsh weather conditions but also protects it from burglary or pests.

There are a host of modern designs to choose from that are built to complement your home without compromising on security so there really is no limit to what you can do.

An added advantage with opting for a garage is that it can also be used as an additional room to store things. Or better yet you can turn it into a play-place for the kids, entertainment centre, gym, etc.

You may be spending a lot more than you would for a carport but then you get to enjoy having an extra room in your house completely at your disposal.


Both these modifications are for the outdoors and several home-owners get concerned over the period for which their curb will be messed up with the installation or construction work.

In this case a carport works extremely well as it can be set up in time as minimum as half a day! A garage will take a fare amount of time in case it has a modern design.

The fact that it will have to be set up with other utilities and then blended into the architecture of the house will also add on to the time taken for it to be built.

Extra Space:

The benefit of a garage is that it doesn’t have to only house your car. You can very well use it as an extra room and make it ‘liveable’ so to say.

With the right amount of upkeep and a clever, creative builder, you’d be surprised at what you could do with a garage. It has the flexibility that a carport doesn’t have.

To put things in a nut shell, a garage is meant for a person more interested in a long-term investment who would like to have his house evolve as his family grows.

Roof & Construction:

The common thing between a garage and carport is that both have roofs to protect your car from harsh elements of the weather like sunlight, rain, hail, etc.

Ensure that this roof complements the look and feel of your home so that your property only lands up looking more beautiful. You also enjoy the freedom to choose your construction materials. For carports you will need to opt for something like Colorbond Carport maybe.

However, with a garage there’s a lot more you can do. Ask your builder to acquaint you with the prefabricated and non-prefabricated options you have at your disposal depending on the modern design you have in mind.

Adding a carport or garage to you residence not only gives you the benefit of parking your car safely but also adds value to your property. Choose well when it comes to a builder.

This is important so that you pick someone who is creative enough to work within your budget and give you exactly what you want while keeping in accordance with Melbourne’s standards.

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