How do you know which one is right for your outdoor space?

Off late, carports have become rather popular amongst home-owners in Melbourne. Their functionality and availability in a number of designs can be credited as the reason for the same. They not only give you a chance to optimise on the monetary value of the outdoor space in front of your home, but also contribute towards giving your residential structure a revamped look and prolonging the life of your car.

Yes, you read right, your car does need protection during all the times that it is not in use and parked in the outdoors. Weather elements, bird droppings or thieves can damage the look and functionality of your car. It is designed to shield your car from these threats, allowing you to extend your vehicle’s life-span

For those still in the decision boat on whether they should opt to enhance their outdoor space with one or confused over what roof design to select, here is a low-down on the different designs you can go for. Each is differentiated on the basis of its style, the look it gives off to your home and whether it classifies as expensive or light on the pocket.

Gable roof carport

This happens to be the most preferred carport design for most home-owners in Melbourne and is an amicable blend of a traditional style with a modern neatness. Constructed in a triangular shape with its corners bent downwards, this particular design works brilliantly in areas that receive a lot of rain or snowfall as everything just trickles off. Additionally, this style complements most home structures with ease giving the outdoor space a finished look. And all of this is done while it protects your car!

Flat roof carport

Just as its name suggests this style has a flat roof which serves its purpose to protect your car from weather elements and bird droppings. However, this design is not advisable for areas that are bound to receive higher levels of rainfall or snow. What makes it a viable option is that it is priced on the lower side and easy to invest in.

Flemish Gable Carport

Now this is a variation to the traditional gable roof style. Also known as a Dutch gable carport, the only difference is the sloping pediment construction that is added. This style can easily be enhanced for a modern look or used to make it into a sit out to host evening parties.

DIY & Customised carports

Carports are not complex structures and can be easily built, however, one needs to observe extra caution or a poorly built one could easily cause damage to life and your car. As for customised carports, enrol the services of reputed professionals in Melbourne and seek their advice and share the design you have in mind. Don’t forget to inform them of your budget so that they have a frame in mind to work with and can give you the best possible option. Customisation is the best way to give your property an exclusive edge.

Timber carport frame

Again a favourite amongst those who don’t want to spend too much but merely seek out the functionality of a carport. Made from timber these structures are strong but again require you to keep an eye on them so that the wood does not rot or get infested. They do not cost much and blend in easily with the landscape of your residence.

Finally, carports may be differentiated only by their roof styles and the materials you can build them from. Otherwise, you”re free to experiment with different modern looks as long as you can bank on the advice of experts and the fact that their construction will be durable and reliable.

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