It might surprise you to know that no matter what type of stratco outback design you plan on building for your property the design principles are the same be it a stratco outback verandah, stratco outback pergola, patio or carport.

The intended look is that of one which looks like the stratco outback extension was built during the same time that your house was constructed or built. This makes the outdoor extension compliment your property and not look out of place or like a separate structure.

A normal walk around your locality will help you realise that though this sounds simple it can be quite difficult to get the ideal extension built for your home. A house is one of the most important investments in any person’s life which is why it is always good do a little research on anything you wish to invest in for your home.

It is a good idea to understand why and how some extensions might compliment your home while there’s might be quite a disaster to look at. This research can help ensure that you are increasing the overall value of your property and not decreasing it by investing in an outdoor extension.

Here are ways to help you familiarise with the look of different homes and their outdoor extensions to get an idea of what might suit your home and what might not.

Tip one- you can never go wrong with a little research

You can acquire an extended range of information if you just start looking and once you do have a good amount of information on the same making decisions of your outdoor extensions might be easier. You can also try and understand why some extensions upgrade the aesthetics of your home while some don’t.

Tip two- stick to same designs and features as your house

A good outdoor extension is one that looks like it was built at the same time that your house was constructed, as previously mentioned and even though it sounds quite confusing it is a fact. Designs that are similar looking with some of the house’s features or shapes are usually the ones that work best for outdoor extensions.

For an example any home that has a complete traditional look about it will not be complimented by a modern looking outdoor extension and any modern structure of a property will look rather ugly with a traditional looking outdoor extension.

Tip three – All colours are NOT equal

The second tip is pretty similar to the first. Just as you need to ensure that you use similar shapes and designs for your outdoor extension, it is also important to ensure that you use similar colours or colour schemes as that of your home. Even if the colour doesn’t match the colour of your home completely a colour that is similar or compliments the colour of your home can be the next best choice.

Even though it is quite rare for people to make the mismatched mistakes of pairing the wrong colours or shades to an extreme level, it is still an existing mistake that many people tend to make.

Tip four- Don’t blow out of proportion

While thinking about an outdoor extension it is quite possible and easy to get carried away to the many day dreams of how you will decorate it or furnish it or how well your son’s graduation party will be memorable within the midst of your property. It good to dream big but in this case dreaming a little too big might not end up in good results.

From the point of view of resale value and efficient desiging, a house that has a gazebo or verandah bigger than the house itself is not so pleasing to the eye and may not attract many buyers which will certainly decrease the value of your property on a whole.

It is very necessary for our outdoor extension to be in proportion with your house. Remember not to overwhelm your house while building an outdoor extension as it could really end up being a disaster.

Tip five: you can never go wrong with a professional

Whether you intend to build a stratco outback for a home you live in or invest in, the finances are too big a price to be wasted which is why it is essential to make sure that your stratco outback design does not de value your property instead of upgrading its value.

Get a professionals advice to ensure you make the right choices and you aren’t wasting your hard earned money.Most reputed and trustworthy stratco outback companies will offer some design advice service.

The above tips and tricks should be able to help you make the right choices and decisions for your stratco outback design for your home. The above guidelines can help you and your family plan and organise your ideas of a stratco outback design before getting started.

When you are in need of professional help and are willing to turn your neatly planned ideas into reality our professionals would love to help you with the same.

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