Pergolas come with many perks. People throughout Melbourne add gorgeous patio pergola designs to their properties when they want to create perfect summertime entertainment areas. A pergola’s roof offers the ideal amount of shade to keep you and your guests cool and covered during outdoor recreation and relaxation.

The fun part about adding a new pergola to your home is that you get to choose a beautiful option that works for your needs. Designs with an open roof are the most common. However, you have the option to choose from attached, freestanding, small, large, ornate and simple designs as you plan your yard’s new layout.

All of these patio pergola designs are extremely popular throughout Australia. An outdoor pergola can be used in the back of a home or fitted to serve as an accent over a front door. Of course, the sky is the limit when it comes to what you can do with your new space. Take a look at the top reasons why people all around Melbourne are maximizing their properties with some extra coverage.


Are you looking for a way to bring the indoors outside during the summer? A pergola essentially acts as an outdoor room on sunny days and warm nights. You can enjoy an airy, serene environment when you build one on your existing deck or patio.


Nothing turns a home into the best home in a neighborhood quite like an outdoor pergola does. This great feature transforms the landscape of an ordinary yard into something unique and extraordinary.


One of the unintended perks of steel pergolas designs is that they actually provided a little bit of extra protection from the elements. A roofed structure attached to your home will limit exposure to your siding and windows.


A pergola is a great investment because it will stand tall year after year. There are many steel options available that can stand up against wind and inclement weather.


A pergola is perfect for anyone who loves to host events. Whether you’re dreaming of backyard parties or afternoon lunches, your new covered space will make guests feel like they are at a fancy venue. What’s more, many people use pergolas for weddings and other formal occasions.


While adding a structure with a roof over your deck or patio requires far less construction that adding a new room, it still requires careful craftsmanship. Once you’ve considered the patio pergola designs that are available for your property in the Melbourne area, it’s important to find a qualified company to make your vision real.

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