5 SECRETS TO A STRESS-LESS, HAPPY, HEALTHY FAMILY (and where to start with yours)

With Fathers Day in the rearview mirror, but close enough to still bask in the glory of that breakfast in bed and a super awesome new pack of jocks.. its time to build a plan to consolidate that rabble of a group of humans into a smart, savvy, well connected, kind-hearted, loving and entertaining family that can withstand all the modern pitfalls like iPhone and social media addiction, peer pressure depression, screen time arguments, X-box marathons and locked bedroom doors.

happy family

Here at Modern Solutions, we’ve brought in the experts to bring you 5 of the most effective ways to bring your family closer, ultimately giving yourself the best possible chance to shepherd them all through the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

With thanks to Modern Solutions CEO, Darren Wallis and Troy Jones, best selling author of the Being Dad book series, we’re proud to bring you this guide to a happier, more connected family.

Each of the 5 steps starts with a simple, but vital premise

Build a Stratco Patio with Modern Solutions.

From there.. these tips really start to kick in.

1/ Eat together

Eating together under your new Patio is the number one way to connect with your family.

Eating together is proven to improve academic and social achievement in children, lowers the chance of eating disorders, and lowers depression and anxiety rates for both boys and girls.

Eating together under a Modern Solutions patio has the added benefit of being “outdoors” – feeling more open and less trapped.

Darren says, “Our customers regularly tell us that they eat together much more regularly under their new patio than they ever did before.

2/ Stay home more often

These days, life is busy. Like seriously busy – especially for young families.

Whether it is cricket or footy, ballet lessons or friends’ birthday parties – things are always on the move.

A major key way to bringing your family closer together is to remember to say “no” to offers and activity sometimes.. and spend that time together wisely.

A modern patio is insulated, well lit and protected from the elements. That means its the perfect place to hang out together, play a board game, sit and chat, or just sit and watch the world go by.

You won’t believe how much simply stopping – or even just slowing down – makes the world of difference.

When you slow down, it allows life and relationships to come back to the front of mind. Conversations lead to happy memories, and it all can happen much more easily under an outdoor patio.

3/ Be cool parents

A Modern Solutions patio allows and encourages an entirely new way to live your life.

The insulated, area – freed from all the kinds of weather that Melbourne can throw at you, makes a major difference.

By creating a handsome new environment that your kids will be proud of is HUGE.

Once the construction is complete, concentrate on making that space young person / teen friendly, and encourage them to invite their key mates over as much as you can cope with.

Encourage the young ones in your life to use your place as a home base – where they’re safe, loved and probably most importantly.. fed.

By creating a safe, comfortable space for the kids, but close enough to be under your watchful eye.. you can give them some room to enjoy themselves and own a new bit of territory in their home – but also see you as a person they can connect with.

You’ll also have a great feel for who their friends are and what’s going on.

4/ Involve the kids in the process of life

A serious home improvement, like the installation of a Stratco patio by Modern Solutions, is a source of pride for a family.

By involving the kids in the design and development process (which is done free by Modern Solutions, by the way, using a 3d animated app), the kids will feel a major part of the development – and importantly – a sense of group accomplishment as it all comes together.

Structural development done as a family is an interesting way to connect – and the kids will always remember that you trusted them enough to listen to their opinions on the design and construction; and subsequently where to put the pizza oven, BBQ smoker, OLED TV or whatever grabs your fancy.

Anodising aluminium Process

5/ Celebrate life

As parents, you’ll know all too well how fast life is going. School, sports, work, struggle and difficulty needs an outlet. Don’t forget to celebrate the beauty of the life that you have all created together.

With the Patio, you’ll be motivated, regularly to invite over friends and extended family to celebrate.

No better way to connect with your family that celebrate all the things that you hold dear. With the new patio, you’ll have a weatherproof, insulated space to enjoy the birthday parties, milestones and celebrations that you’ve always dreamed of.

If you’re looking to bring your family closer together, Modern Solutions can be a key piece of the puzzle.

As a family business, we understand families and offer free design and quotes to maximise the outdoor living and entertaining potential of your home.

Give us a call or send us an email and we’ll organise a time to listen to what you hope to achieve and develop it into a plan, organise a quote that suits your budget, take it through Council and get it built with a minimum of fuss.