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With any Melbourne Pergola you can face hot Summer days, or dull Winter mornings. The Stratco outback sunroof allows you to have the best of both worlds as you control the weather. Control the angle of the blades with your remote control to create maximum comfort for you and your family and friends.

Let the breeze and sunlight in when the weather is fine, or provide protection when the clouds set in. And if you forget to close the blades the rain sensor mounted at roof level will ensure your Outdoor furniture stays dry.


Stratco Outback Pergola options include a stand alone roof to cover your paved area or deck, brighten a corner or south facing Outdoor room, or integrate the Sunroof in with a Gable or curved roof Verandah.

The Sunroof is available in a range of colors and has a maximum blade Span of around 4 metres. If you’re looking to cover more space then we customize a design by building ‘bays’ to ensure you get the cover your looking for while maintaining the structural integrity of the product. Each Bay will be approximately 24 square metres and will be driven by its own motor, this allows you to operate each bay and its blade angle independently if your design requires more than 1 bay.


“We are very much enjoying our new outdoor are you assembled and installed some months ago now, it is better that I thought it would be a year round entertaining area regardless of the weather.

Your installation team did a great job with hardly any fuss and they cleaned up after themselves as well, and most importantly you kept to the agreed time lines for construction, permits and installation, wish I could have that kind of service all the time.

The open close operation works beautifully and the rain sensor give us peace of mind our furniture will remain dry.

I have many family and friends over they have all commented how great it looks and the Body Corporate have no issues it just blends in.

Many thanks.” 

Paul Camilleri

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Stratco Pergolas

The Outback Pergola is a popular structure that can provide shade for the space directly underneath yet still allow light in to your home. The structure can span up to 8 meters and can be fitted with shade options.

This pergola is a very sturdy structure.

The Pergola Shade Blade can be affixed onto of the pergola. The blades can be mounted at an angle on top of the pergola structure designed to catch direct sunlight on a sunny Melbourne morning or afternoon. By catching the sun rays it can stop your house from overheating from the sun. It also stops too much sunlight from entering rooms such as the kitchen or the TV room making these rooms much more comfortable. The beauty of this solution is that it still allows indirect diffused light to enter the area to keep the area light.


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