Enclosed Patio – Entertainment Area – Finishing Touches

An enclosed patio can be an easy way to add value to your home and create a new recreational zone to your home living space. Perfect for hanging out and enjoying a few drinks with friends and family.

Watch the Modern Solutions Team put the finishing touches on one of our enclosed patios. We have created the idea outdoor living space for one of clients.

We extended the house by creating an ideal living space for dining, entertainment and outdoor lounge. Partially enclosed with sufficient ventilation, installed with cooling fans, air conditioners, heating, recessed lighting and automated blinds. The patio features a lounge area, a dining area, a bar area, bar fridges and television, a perfect area to watch the football or for family entertainment.  Positioned perfectly to watch the kids swimming in the pool.


Enclosed Patio Usage:

Create a Casual Lounge Area decorated with some patio furniture suitable for outdoor living with deep cushioning to totally relax in. It can be a great place to enjoy to enjoy some drinks without having to worry about the carpet or staining the formal lounge suite.


Create a Sports Bar Area – create a great space on your patio to watch the Australia Open or the AFL Grand final. Because it is outside, you and your mates can be as loud as you want. Have your guest help themselves to a beer (and grab you one as well), be the perfect host without too much effort.

Create a Lookout Area – if you have young kids watching over them for water safety reasons can be a concern. But not being able to sit down and read a book, grab a drink or catch up on Netflix can be a hindrance on your personal time. Having an enclosed patio with all these creature comforts  can be a fantastic solution.

Create The Extended Family Dinner Area – There is nothing more uncomfortable than being stuck with lots of people in a confined space. Having an enclosed patio which accommodate a large dining area is a fantastic solution.

Create The Coffee Bar – There is nothing more settling than waking up and having your coffee outside on the patio and being able to breath in the morning air, look over the garden. It is a modern-day zen ritual, city-slicker meditation – call it whatever you want. The bar is up higher so you can look over the barrier and see more of the garden. 

Modern Solutions was founded by a father-son team with lots of experience in the design and construction of units that increase the usability and enjoyment of outdoor space.

Pergolas, Patios, Carports and Verandahs are our specialties. If you want to add something new, you will find that Modern Solutions gets the job done.

Everyone at Modern Solutions truly cares about what you have to say. This company is all about helping to make your dreams to transform your outdoor space become reality. Whether you are looking for a colorbond carport builder, colorbond pergola builders, colorbond Verandah specialist or roof design consultant, help is here.

Trust An Experienced Builder To Expand Your Outdoor Living Space

Modern Solutions have the experienced to design, supply and build your outdoor living space. We are registered and accredited Master Builder. We take the hassle out of obtaining permits from your local council.  We pride ourselves on keeping the work site clean, safe and uncluttered

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